Who we are……….

At Barton Beard Oils we believe every man looks better with a face full of whiskers.  While some of your family and friends may think that you've lost all hope, may be homeless, are part of a band, TV show, or play on a baseball team, we believe that you've embraced the true meaning of being a sophisticated gentlemen.  As many forget the traditions and styles of facial hair, we took a little lesson from our heritage and thought we may be able to help bring your beard to its full potential.  

Our labels and website feature images of my great-great grandfather Peter Barton.  Peter emigrated to Utah in 1862 and settled in Kaysville.  Peter sported a pretty sweet beard most of his adult life and we're sure he would have loved to get his hands on some Barton Beard Oils.   

Chances are if you are looking at this website, you have a face full of hair.  We applaud you for not looking like every other woman and child, and embracing manhood.

Please take a look at our artfully crafted products and give us a try.  We are still in Kaysville and keeping the legacy alive.  Im sure you'll be satisfied with Barton Beard Oils!


                                                                        Russ Barton